With the 21st Century marching ahead into the walkways of progress, humans have also incurred their share of the cons of civilization. This blog will be taking a look at some of these rather horrifying accidents that have been caught on a variety of cameras over the past few years.

The blog further establishes that the reasons for such accidents are often substance abuse – that is, driving under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics or drugs, ranging from cocaine to methamphetamine. Driving under the influence of any drugs or alcohol is an offense with a penalty liable to be imposed on the offender by the state, even up-to a revoking of his or her driving license, depending on the gravity of the situation or accident. However, one of the repeated offenders is marijuana which has been legalized in numbers of states over the years, and alcohol too is a major causal factor behind being unable to drive in accordance with traffic rules.

With the progress of technology, surveillance cameras are now a part and parcel of the streets.

  • The installation of cameras at traffic signals and at strategic junctions was a step taken to counter the growing rate of road traffic accidents by instilling in people the need to adhere to traffic rules and speeding limits.
  • An unexpected ancillary purpose of these cameras has become the recording of various traffic accidents, occurring within their areas of vision.
  • This, in turn, has its own purpose, enabling the investigation into such cases to be based on actual footage and often aiding in the determination of the reasons for such accidents.

This website presents multiple cases where the factual proof and prosecution had been possible because of surveillance cameras which captured these accidents on tape. We would be looking at some such instances of incidents which involve drunk or drugged drivers and happen to have been opportunely ‘caught on camera’.