September 19, 2018

More about a Manhattan Deli accident involving a driver high on PCP who rams his car into a grocery store, seriously injuring three employees.

A Tragedy Caught on Camera

A car accident occurred in a Manhattan Deli in the year 2013. The driver of the car, Mr. Shaun Martin, lost control of his car, driving it into a grocery in East Village.

Tests showed that Martin was high on PCP or the “angel dust”, as it is commonly known, methamphetamine. Losing control of his car he cut across three busy traffic lanes, finally jumping the curb and crashing the car into the shopfront of the East Village Farm and Grocery.

Murder Charges Pressed

The entire incident was caught on security cameras which is what enabled the driver to be brought to task. Martin was charged with murder as three of the employees at the deli were injured due to the crash, with one of them, Mr. Mohammad Akkad Ali, ultimately succumbing to his injuries in January 2014. The accused allegedly broke down upon hearing of the same and being charged with second-degree murder, a charge that could mean up to 25 years of jail for the offender. Murder charges against individuals drunk-driving aren’t too common but are something that has been on the rise over the last decade.

“Intoxicated driving, whether by drugs or alcohol, is completely at odds with the prospect of making New York streets safe for pedestrians and drivers alike,” Mr. Vance, the prosecutor, said in a statement. “My office will continue to aggressively prosecute vehicular violence whenever supported by the evidence.”

The Eyes in the Sky Help

It was because of the footage from surveillance cameras that the driver could be conclusively charged and brought to book. Drug abuse related car accidents have become an, unfortunately, increasing reality in recent years. One can only hope that the severe repercussions of the same, assisted by the eyes of modernity, will lead to a reduction rather than an increase in numbers in the coming years.


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