November 7, 2018

53-years old lady-driver, in a state of partial undress and high on alcohol, almost collided with a police patrol van head-on, captured on a police body-cam.

Statistical Probabilities Caught on Cam

As time passes, accidents caused on the roads and highways due to drivers found to be under the influence of alcohol increase manifold.

Some facts :

  • At least a third of the accidents caused on the roads of America involve drunk or drugged drivers.
  • A lot of these drivers get away scot-free due to a lack of immediate evidence proving their guilt.
  • The number of surveillance cameras at crossroads and traffic signals have been and are being increased to act as a deterrent to aberrant behavior on the roads.
  • The rising trend of ‘caught on camera’ accidents, from dash cams to body cams to mobile-phone cameras and so on, going viral actually has made an impact on public perception!
  • A section of sociologists thinks that this may actually translate into a lowering of the rate of accidents due to substance abuse due to a fear of widespread social media censure.

Body-Cams and Police Support

To talk about a given accident, a car crash in Florida was recorded on the body camera of a policeman unwittingly, as he got embroiled in the whole incident. This video was later uploaded and apparently made quite a stir online. Eric Everley was at a crossroad in his patrol car when a woman driving a car took a sudden left turn almost colliding with his vehicle head-on.

The video shows Everley being significantly affected by the crash and then approaching the driver in the offending car. Cynthia Osborne, 53 years old was allegedly found in a state of undress in the vehicle with a bottle of open wine beside her. When questioned by Everley she refused to cooperate and later did not submit to a blood test either. The incident came as a shock to the officer who even spoke to a bystander in the course of the incident, remarking how he could have been dead.

Capturing the Psychology of a Crash

So in spite of there being no fatalities, the video proved an important point, showing how instants of road accidents caused due to drunk or drugged driving can impact people psychologically. Sadly, the offender has not has any serious charges pressed against her.

Such videos are doing the rounds of the internet with an increasing frequency, and this happens to be one proving quite a few points.


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