November 18, 2018

17 Yrs old underaged driver speeding above permitted limits collides head-on with another car, killing the elderly couple on spot.

Horror at Hillsborough

In spite of the growing amount of awareness about safe drinking and safe driving and the mushrooming cameras on trees, wires, posts and the like, the number of traffic accidents and fatalities due to inebriated or drugged drivers is still on the rise.

The residents of Hillsborough witnessed a rather horrifying example of the same when there was a head-on collision between two cars, one of which was speeding way above the permissible limit. A young and underage driver was behind the wheel of the offending vehicle, he was driving at about 40 mph above the speed limit when he lost control of the car and collided directly with an approaching car being driven by an elderly couple. The incident was caught on camera and proved to be a rather too real exemplification of the statistical probabilities quotes at the beginning of this piece.

Underage Drugged Driver

The driver was tested and found to have blood alcohol levels way above the driving permitted limit of 0.8. The 17-year-old boy also tested positive for drugs and was found to be under severe opiate intoxication at the point.

Tragically, the elderly couple out in their car was killed on spot, making this case of negligent driving take on a much darker tone. The presence of security cameras meant that the incident could be concretely proven and charges were pressed against the offender by the local authorities. The fact that he was not only in a drugged and inebriated state but was also underage compounded the complexity of the case, making its reality a double grim one.

Awareness and Surveillance

Incidents such as this make it all the more imperative for the state to step up youth awareness programs about the legal and humanitarian repercussions of delinquent behavior and let people know that they can no longer get away with it as the eyes in the sky are keeping a persistent vigil.


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