November 22, 2018

A 27-years-old guy backing up on the M1 motorway at Miami collides with approaching HGV, as captured on the truck dashcam.

The Perks of Clicking Shutters

Cameras come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages just like anything else.

The presence of surveillance cameras at traffic signals, crossroads and the like have been known to act as a deterrent to crime and the breaking of traffic rules.

However, the cult of capturing accidents on camera and ‘sensationalizing’ the captured footage by publicizing it on social media and so on is also a phenomenon that is on the rise.

As stated above, everything comes with its pros and cons and while a cult of gore is in no way healthy or to be encouraged, there are instances where accidents ‘caught on cam’ by private citizens to help in apprehending the circumstances and the offending party.

Australian Motorway Accident

A recent phenomenon in February 2018 where an accident was captured on the dash-cam of a truck on Australia’s M1 motorway was one such instance. A car being driven by a man under the influence of narcotic drugs collided into a truck while backing hurriedly onto the motorway and losing control in the process.

The driver of the vehicle in question allegedly ran out of fuel and then requested the assistance of the NRMA – National Roads and Motorists Association. However, when a technician of the same noticed anomalies in his behavior and asked him not to drive further, the 27-year-old hurriedly pulled out and was backing onto the M1 motorway at Minmi near New Castle when he lost control and collided with an approaching HGV.

A Narrow Escape

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but the accident could have turned out to be potentially fatal to the life of a woman and a dog seated in the back of the offending car.

Such motorway accidents caused due to drug abuse by the driver are becoming increasingly caught on camera footage, showing the tendency of such accidents to be on the rise at large.


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