October 15, 2018

A fatal road accident caused by drivers on illegal drug caught on camera highway in North Carolina. The car crashes into guardrails.

Silver Sedan Catapults into Space and Crashes into a Ditch

There are a variety of videos online and with the virtual almost overtaking the real in terms of human reality, people are spending an increasing amount of time surfing the internet and what it has to offer. One video a lot of people came across in 2017 was of a silver sedan car apparently going berserk and cannoning into one object after another until, in a video-game-like a move, it catapulted in space and crashed into a ditch.

The Details of the Case

This video of the car accident caught on camera was taken by Jeremy Prevette of Charlotte, the driver of another car that happened to be close behind the one in question when it began its antics on the road. The 3-minute long video shows a car veering from the end of the road to the other, crashing into guardrails, mowing through front-lawns and causing a general hazard to life and property.

Drugged Encounters

The incident took place on a highway in North Carolina, and the police later stated that the driver of the offending car was apparently under the influence of illegal drugs at the time.

  • Accidents due to drugs have been on the rise for the past decade.
  • About 20% of all the road accidents happening in the USA are caused by motorists who are driving under the influence of drugs.
  • The number of accidents caused due to drugged drivers is set to possibly cross those caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol.

This particular accident thankfully had no fatalities involved, but cases of drugged drivers losing control of their vehicles and even unwittingly killing other people are not uncommon.

The number of such drunk and drugged driving cases caught on some mode of video recording device, whether a phone-camera a surveillance camera or a chance camcorder, is also on the rise and this accident happens to be one of the more memorable doing the rounds.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4644210/Driver-drugs-seen-flipping-car-air-crash.html

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