April 25, 2019

A 32-year-old woman went on a wild ride one day in December that resulted in over $75,000 in property damage along with striking seven separate cars. One of those cars was a patrol car that was unsuccessfully attempting to stop her erratic driving.

In quick bursts of speed, Jessica Ruth Vanhorn was driving all across the lanes and even into the grassy median, clearly not in control of herself. She managed to strike seven different cars though continued on her journey nevertheless.

The officer who initially spotted her chose not to engage in a high-speed chase. There are many rules for when to do so, and it was considered more dangerous to chase after someone who obviously was driving under the influence as the safety of other people is much more important.

Her arrest report stated that she was arrested for reckless driving, property damage, and more.

Vanhorn claimed to be sober as soon as she was stopped despite having substance around one nostril and shaking as if she were cold even though she shouldn’t be. Her eyes were darting everywhere, and she went from being calm to crazy at the drop of a hate. Her mood swings turned out not to be a natural occurrence.

At first, the officers were not able to convince her to get out of her car once they stopped her. They attempted to break the car window which resulted in the sound of gunfire to people nearby, though it was just them trying to break the glass and no shots were fired.

When she was finally outside of the vehicle, she made her dubious claims. Later her urine was tested and found to have high levels of depressants, stimulants, and THC. THC is the chemical that can be found in marijuana and induces the high.

There were also syringes found in her car along with a bag of some leafy green substance. She still stuck to her claims that she was utterly sober.

During her “joyride” Vanhorn had knocked down two signs along with all the cars she struck. One car had a family of four inside that luckily were unharmed.

The cost of driving under the influence isn’t just for the person doing it, but all of the people on the road. When you get into a car under the influence you are violating the trust of other people on the road and putting them in danger because they could die from your antics.

There is never any excuse to drive while not sober and doing so puts too many lives at risk. Instead, call a cab or a friend to come to pick you up or wait until you are no longer under the influence.

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