November 2, 2018
Drunk Driver Crashes into Approaching Car

Illinois Driver, in a state of inebriation, ignores friendly advice at Deklab Bar, crashes into approaching car and gets charged for multiple offenses.

Alcoholic Antics Caught on Camera

  • The number of accidents being captured on cameras is rising by the day.
  • These accidents have a wide range of causes and a wide range of effects.

While the causes can range from mechanical failure to driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol – the effects often involve serious injuries or even fatalities.

An Illinois Mishap

However, an accident where a drunk driver cannoned into a coming car and was filmed during the entire process fortunately not resulted in any casualties or serious injuries.

Mr. Samuel Salas of Illinois was out drinking in a bar in Deklab, Illinois. When he was about to ,a number of people, noticing his level of inebriation, asked him not to drive in that condition. Mr. Ryan Taylor was among those who attempted to stop Salas from driving his car when he was clearly not in a condition fit to do so. However, Salas ignored the suggestions or requests of those present and proceeded out of the bar to his car.

Quick Thinking Saves the Day

At this point, Taylor apparently decided to take out his phone and film the entire incident because he felt that ‘something might go wrong’. The video begins at this point, showing Salas and his female companion entering the car and Salas driving the vehicle erratically before colliding with an approaching car head on.

Mr. Taylor then abandoned the video to help the victim of the accident who was reportedly unhurt, an extremely lucky case given the circumstances.

Salas’ blood alcohol level was found to exceed the permitted limit of 0.8 massively as expected, and he was charged by the authorities for the various offences committed by him in the brief span of time.

The quick-thinking and sudden videography by Mr. Taylor not only helped to apprehend the offender. In the given case as in many others, it works as a cautionary tale, exemplifying how quickly negligence could amplify and become the crime.


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